Being An Artist · 21. April 2021
How Can An Artist Make Money From Clients Who Don't Know What They Want Drawn?!
As a freelance cartoonist you may have found that even though people want to give a gift of custom artwork, they may not actually know what to have drawn, or they may not have the ability to envision what it could be.
Being An Artist · 09. April 2021
What Type of Custom Art Do Most Clients Seek From A Freelance Cartoonist?
With so much activity, collected valuable information in the event it may be useful in directing any freelance artist's business.
Being An Artist · 02. April 2021
Freelance artists will attract the best clients by doing this one thing!
"Consider your portfolio is bait as you are fishing for a specific fish. The correct "bait" should be specifically selected for acquiring the specific type of fish you are seeking."
Animation · 01. October 2018
I had watched the reruns of The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves. But seeing animated Superman was just as much a thrill, if not more...
Writer Tips · 24. September 2018
I stay fairly busy with freelance writing jobs. Many of my writer friends have asked how I've had a steady stream of work since becoming a member of The answer is simple. Variety.
Being An Artist · 18. September 2018
"Anyone looking for a secret formula how to succeed as a freelance artist only needs to know one thing."
Comic Book Tips · 10. September 2018
As a comic artist, part of the job is also "casting" by designing characters as if you were casting them for a movie. In doing this, a casting agent asks themselves: "What story does this character's look communicate?"
Being An Artist · 05. September 2018
While it's true art jobs with newspapers and magazines are less frequent than they were before smart phones became a daily news source, there is plenty of new jobs available for artists in other categories.
Being An Artist · 29. August 2018
There is a method to posting the right images and the right number of images if a freelance artist wants to attract clients, get jobs, keep busy and stay busy with bigger and more profitable clients.
Comic Book Tips · 20. August 2018
After 25 years of creating children's books, comic strips and comic books, comic creator and artist Aaron Warner's latest creation uses photos of real people in place of hand drawn line art to tell the story of a haunted wild west-like town in "Ghost Canyon," a live-action comic book series Warner termed Photo Graphic Novels.

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