Comic Book Tips

Comic Book Tips · 10. September 2018
As a comic artist, part of the job is also "casting" by designing characters as if you were casting them for a movie. In doing this, a casting agent asks themselves: "What story does this character's look communicate?"
Comic Book Tips · 20. August 2018
After 25 years of creating children's books, comic strips and comic books, comic creator and artist Aaron Warner's latest creation uses photos of real people in place of hand drawn line art to tell the story of a haunted wild west-like town in "Ghost Canyon," a live-action comic book series Warner termed Photo Graphic Novels.
Comic Book Tips · 16. July 2018
After working with numerous artists in all genres of sequential storytelling, comic creator Aaron Warner has found one common requirement needed to produce incredible comic pages...and according to him the best artists ALWAYS do this.

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