What kind of artwork can I post in my portfolio?

We strongly suggest posting only similar styled images in each of your portfolios. You will get assigned more jobs if the client knows the type of art they can expect you to render. For example, caricature, comic book pages and logo design are three different styles and should be in three different portfolios. If a random sampling of all your styles are in one portfolio, the client will not be as likely to hire you since they are not sure which style they will receive. This is why we recommend establishing several different portfolios in the different styles you want to advertise. A client looking for logo design will not spend their time in the comic book samples looking for logos. If you have logo samples and want logo work, purchase a portfolio in the logo category and fill the logo portfolio with all logo samples. Then purchase a separate portfolio for your comic book pages. Trust us on this one: If you want lots of jobs, choose similar styled images that appear as though you specialize in just one similar style in each portfolio you create. But purchase as many portfolios as you like, in as many categories as you want to work. It will make the client's search in finding you and deciding to employ you much easier. 

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