Job Alerts

In addition to clients contacting the artists directly, enrolled artists and writers received these recent assignment requests:

September 20, 2018: Artists and writers for a start-up comic book company.


September 20, 2018: Illustrators and designers for a short mini-series.


September 20, 2018: Graphics Designer with advanced skills in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop


September 20, 2018:  Apparel Designers with experience in Photoshop & Illustrator


September 18, 2018: Writers as columnists or book reviewers for a digital publication


September 18, 2018: Writer submissions for an erotic, post-apocalyptic story


September 18, 2018: Illustrator for simple, stylized, B&W line drawings of household fixtures


September 18, 2018: Animator for business consultant company


September 18, 2018: Experienced Illustrator/Animator with polished video content and a passion for women's issues 


September 11, 2018: Animators for Burt Reynold's tribute


September 11, 2018: Artists & writers for fanzine


September 11, 2018: Illustrators for diverse UK magazine


September 11, 2018: Artist for character design for DIY website


September 5, 2018: Artist/graphic designer for gamedev/playing games


September 5, 2018: Writers for comic book related news and reporting for comic zine



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