Job Alerts

In addition to clients contacting the artists directly, enrolled artists and writers received these recent assignment requests:

January 17, 2019: Artists and writers for a zine


January 17, 2019: Sketch artist for a Sci Fi project


January 16, 2019: Comic artist for short horror/adventure comic


January 16, 2019: Writers for romance/erotica-based stories


January 14, 2019: Writers for a children's magazine


January 14, 2019: Graphic artists for content templates


January 14, 2019: Digital illustrator for a VR documentary


January 14, 2019: Freelance animators for funded project


January 14, 2019: Artists to develop characters


January 14, 2019: Artist to create an album cover


January 14, 2019: Artists for a visual novel


January 14, 2019: Artists to illustrate tarot deck


January 11, 2019: Comic artist to redraw and ink an existing comic


January 11, 2019: Comic book artist for a young adult graphic novel series


January 11, 2019: An illustrator for a coffee table book project


January 11, 2019: Graphic designer to design an album cover


January 11, 2019: Writers and artists for contributing submissions to a movie-themed zine.


January 11, 2019:  Writers for contributing reviews, op-eds, interviews and live coverage of bands


January 9, 2019: New book writers for publishing company


January 9, 2019: Request for short Sci Fi plays


January 9, 2019: Paid, long-term writers for printed magazine


January 9, 2019: Writers for paid personal essays for books and magazine



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