Job Alerts

In addition to clients contacting the artists directly, enrolled artists and writers received these recent assignment requests:

November 7, 2018:  True crime writers for online stories


November 7, 2018: Children's book illustrator for a nonprofit book


November 7, 2018: Freelance illustrator for online shop 


November 7, 2018: Female illustrator to work on a comic


November 7, 2018: Full time graphic artist for an embroidery company


November 6, 2018: Artist for pencil sequential artwork


October 30, 2018: Cartoonist needed for funny illustrations


October 30, 2018: Movies and video games writers for website 


October 30, 2018: Focused graphic designer / Video Editor / Adobe Creative Suit, Photoshop, Illustrator Expert


October 30, 2018: Illustrator for a book collection of poems


October 18, 2018: Full-time position digital animator


October 18, 2018: Writers for new web series


October 18, 2018:  Illustrators, cartoonists, character designers, and visual artists to join studio team


October 18, 2018: Freelance illustrator in the Liverpool area


October 18, 2018: Freelance children illustrator


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