Rick Adams 

Born in the UK and now living in Perth, Western Australia, Rick studied Art & Design and Graphic Design for 5 years in East London. Drawing since a young age, Rick became a recognized sculptor and artist for his dramatic life-like figures of famous people and fictional characters for museums worldwide.


Rick later found a new talent in caricature art by sketching random people on the train to work, as well as pets and cars. He started to experiment with art mediums and the use of different methods to create the style of artwork he specializes in today.


Rick's artwork is in museums, and mural art on public walls and was also published in two books by Mad Artist Publishing: Bond 50 years In Caricatures, in which he sketched Jane Seymore as Solitaire from Live And Let Die, and a tribute to Robin Williams.


Rick's illustrations are fun and he always tries to add a different effect with his drawings, utilizing various markers, pencils and paint, to fit any client's needs.

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