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Peter L. Brown (aka PLBthetoonist)


Raised in a small New Jersey town near NYC but his imagination has transcended beyond those metropolitan boundaries.


Studied Architecture, Computer Animation and Illustration. 


Self-published 2 books. Part of his downtime he draws the #BRADYtheBETTA web comic. 


Contributed cartoons to “101 Ways To Conquer Teen Anxiety” book putting humor to a tough subject. Joined EssenceCartoon.com to blog on topics; animation and who knows (even he doesn’t) what else’ll emerge from his head.


Been captivated with animation and art since he first heard those immortal words, “EH, What’s Up Doc?” Creativity dwells non-stop 24/7/365 in his head.


Ralph Dance: Featured on YooToons Channel on YouTube ( starting at 3:20 )

Johnny Gnat: Featured on YooToons Channel on YouTube (starting at 2:02 )

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