I want to get paid to draw! Will joining this site make me enough money drawing freelance can become my career?

This site's founders and more earn their living from jobs that have come through this website and they each continue to have portfolios here. While there is no guarantee what kinds of art jobs will come to you through this site, it only takes two words of advice to secure ongoing jobs with major clients:


1. Consistency


Fight the temptation to fill your portfolio with images of varying styles. If you post a variety of different styles, you will have less clients hire you. Clients want a reliable style based on what they see in your portfolio and will choose another artist over you simply because all the images in another portfolio have a consistent style. By showing a digital painting next to a ink caricature next to a comic book page, the client will judge you on the image they feel is most UNLIKE what they are seeking. If you are multi-talented, working in several different styles, help your clients find you faster by posting the variety of styles in which you work in a variety of different portfolios. Don't mix your business logo samples with your caricature samples, for example, or the client seeking a logo will judge you on the caricature sample and quickly dismiss you. Each different style deserves its own portfolio. 


2. Reliability


While experience is helpful, a successful freelance artist only needs to be reliable with communication and finishing the job to encourage a client to return with more and more jobs. Once a client finds an artist with whom they are pleased, the work relationship can last for decades, and every artist can appreciate the security of steady assignments. 

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