How many portfolios can I purchase?

You may purchase as many portfolios as you wish to fill. The first portfolio is free or donation. This makes it easy for beginners or hobbyists who only want to start small. 


Then for those serious career cartoonists who want non-stop assignments in all categories, you may purchase an UNLIMITED category option for $35 USD per month. This allows you to post 10 different samples in any one or all portfolio categories. 



Email your 10 samples for FREE to

UNLIMITED Portfolio Categories only $35 per month

Display 10 samples, plus written bio and profile image, to be seen in ANY or ALL categories of art styles of your choice. 


After activation, invoices are emailed monthly. Payment must be received within 7 days of invoicing. Any unpaid invoice after 7 days will result in deleted portfolios. Cancel anytime.


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For further questions, see our Customer FAQ, our Artist FAQ or email