comic book artist

Emiliano Alvarez


33 years old, human, Argentinian.


...and for those seeking more details about this talented artist, Emiliano was born in Cordoba and grew up surrounded by cartoons and comic books which made his passion for illustration and art a sure thing.


Now, after nearly 10 years of experience in the local markets, Emiliano wants to expand his horizons by looking for exciting new projects to work on around the globe, which he describes by saying, "I'm an avid explorer of the human form, but I don't shy away from stylizing it in order to look for the right composition."


As for genres, you name it, Emiliano loves classic superhero battles, space operas, colorful fantasy, noir detectives and anything between. If the story is great, Emiliano can make some great art to accompany it.

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